Any and all modifications of the game that change the physics or controls in any way is strictly banned, with the exception of some console commands, see below.
In particular, note that this means that changing the server tickrate is forbidden, as well as any usage of the 'give' command.

Futhermore, all top 5 scores obtained after May 11th, 2017 require proof in the form of a demo or a video. If no sufficient proof can be provided, the score will be removed.

Console commands


sv_player_funnel_into_portals Disabling this will stop the player from curving into nearby portals when falling.
developer Allows you to move as soon as the chamber loads instead of being stuck for ~0.5 seconds.
We allow this command because the same effect can be achieved by loading the chamber from the main menu instead of restarting it.
"mat_ambient_light_b 0.1; mat_ambient_light_r 0.1; mat_ambient_light_g 0.1;" Turns off the game's lighting and allows you to see in the dark. This is useful in Turret Factory.
We allow this command because it levels the playing field for players having displays with limited brightness.
bind [KEY] taunt Binds a key to taunt while midair in cooperative. Used to skip forced animations of new gestures.

Recording demos

record [name] Starts recording the player's inputs generating a demo (.dem) file.
stop Stops the current demo recording.
playdemo [name] Replays a recorded demo.
bind [KEY] "stop; restart_level" Binds a key to stop the current demo and restart the chamber to start a new run. This is useful, because restarting a chamber while recording to a demo called "demo" will create a new demo called "demo_2". A side effect of this is that the chamber loads slightly slower, and because of this you lose about 0.40 seconds. This is prevented by stopping the demo before restarting.
bind W "+forward; +remote_view" Binds your W key to permanently show your partner view while playing cooperative. This way you don't need to toggle the partner view manually every time the chamber is restarted.
cl_enable_remote_splitscreen Shows the partner view while replaying a cooperative demo.


A popular tool used to convert demo files to nicely looking smooth videos is SrcDemo2.

Point calculation

Currently, the top 200 times are tracked for each map. A player's points for a specific chamber is calculated as follows:
max[1,  (200 - (rank - 1))2 ]
This gives us the following:
Rank Points
1 200
5 193
10 183
20 164
50 115
100 52
150 14
200 1
Note that points are displayed as whole numbers everywhere on the site by means of simple rounding.



A JSON representation of the current leaderboard status can be retrieved by appending '/json' to any page URL, i.e. or .


Name Language
Portal2Boards.Net C#


This site is currently hosted on FastComet.

Demos are stored using Google Drive. The folder containg all demos can be found here.

Feature suggestions

Forward any feature suggestions you may have to iVerb.